Statements - Transaction search - Select account and period

This page lets you search for specific kinds of transactions on your account – so you can, for example, check all your Direct Debits – or look at all the transactions in a specific period. This period can be between two dates that you specify, or the last week, two weeks, month, two months, three months, four months or you can select historic transactions to search for transactions older than four months.

Search details

Account From the dropdown menu, choose the account you want to search. To see the accounts in the dropdown list, click on the arrow at the right-hand side of the dropdown. To choose an account, move your mouse down the list until the account you want is highlighted, then click again.

Period Choose a set period to search. If you want to search between two specific dates instead, click the text search between two dates higher up the page.


Click here when you've chosen the account and period you want to search.

To leave this page, click on any option on the left-hand side. For an overview of your accounts, current balances and recent transactions, click on Accounts summary.